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Our team of skilled fence builders at Resolut Construction have over 30 years of experience building sturdy and reliable fences and railings to provide your family with privacy and safety features in your outdoor living space.


From traditional wooden fences to chain link fencing, ornamental fencing, and vinyl fencing, we have experience crafting and installing a wide variety of fencing products.

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Benefits of a Custom Fence or Railing


A customized fence provides privacy for you and your family, ensuring that no uninvited visitors have access to your property, and also that your children and pets do not risk escaping. A fence can provide beautiful visual interest to your backyard environment and can also be used to hang plants or expand your garden.


Railings are a safety feature used to enclose your deck or pool area. We offer a variety of railing materials for you to choose from, depending on your style and desired functionality of your outdoor living space. Click here for more information on railing code and pool enclosure code.


Curious to discover the optimal choices for enhancing your outdoor living area? Get in touch with our team of skilled custom fence, deck, and railing builders today.


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Wood Fencing


When it comes to wood fencing installation, pressure-treated lumber is particularly popular, with its superior protective qualities against the elements, as well as most molds, insects, and rot.


We work alongside our premium lumber suppliers to offer our clients only premium-grade and pressure-treated lumber on all of our projects.


What We Offer
Custom Wood Fencing Styles


At Resolut Construction, we offer three main custom wood fencing styles for our customers to choose from.

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Solid Board Fencing

This contained wood fencing style provides nearly complete privacy, typically employed for swimming pools and property-line demarcation. It is our most economical option available and a popular pick among homeowners.


This wood fencing style can be installed at varying heights and panel lengths to accommodate any property’s size and slope. Pressure-treated wood or cedar can be used for this purpose. Customers have the option to add an eye beam and a third mid-rail to make the our solid board wood fencing an even more enticing fence, while also increasing the longevity of the structure.


Custom wood fencing style built in a backyard called the Board on Batten wood fence.


Board On Batten Fencing

This style is great for keeping children or pets enclosed in the yard, while clearly defining property lines and providing a distinctive look.


Our most popular style to date, the Board on Batten provides complete privacy, with overlapping boards kept to one side of the fence.


This fence style provides additional privacy and added depth to the fence line. The Board On Batten's fence board overlap provides optimal strength and moisture-draining potential which is a thoughtful choice for most Canadian winters.


Board On Board Fencing

This type of fence has alternating, and overlapping boards on both sides. Board spacing is generally kept at 3-1/2” but for additional privacy, this spacing can be tightened to 2” or even 1-1/2”. If you have a pool, you will have to go with a 1-1/2" spacing for board on board fence.


This style makes for a friendly neighbour’s fence if you decide to share the costs, as both sides of this style fence look identical.


If you’re still on the fence about which custom wood fencing material choice might look best in your outdoor living space, book a complimentary fencing material consultation and we will discuss the best options for your property.


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We Handle the Paperwork
Regional Fencing Bylaws

Municipal and regional fencing bylaws can be confusing and overwhelming. We get it. Our team at Resolut Construction will handle the fencing bylaw paperwork process for you, so you have one less thing to think about when dreaming up your outdoor oasis.


Most cities and towns have fence regulations you should be made aware of, especially when working around pools and corner lots.


Besides the official permission, it is good practice, and a nice courtesy, to get the blessing of your neighbours before starting the fence installation.



Talk to a Contractor about Fencing Bylaws


Need more information? Check out our blogs: "Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge: Making Fence Bylaws Easy", "Fencing Pool Code for Kitchener-Waterloo: Safety & Compliance", and "Guide to Railing Building Code for Exteriors in Ontario"


Regional fencing bylaws approved, woman smiling at paperwork.

Understand Property Limitations for Fencing


Before starting your fencing project, it’s always wise to have a good understanding of where your property lines are. With a good land survey on hand, our knowledgeable team of fence builders and contractors can map out and locate property lines on most fence projects.


Resolut Construction always contacts Ontario OneCall before work commences to map out public utility lines. We also keep in mind private utility lines such as pool pumps, sprinkler lines, etc.


As a common practice, before any work begins, we always have our customers sign off on the final placement of all fence lines. This ensures that all due diligence has been completed and we will not have surprises during the fence installation process

Wrought Iron
Ornamental Fencing

More commonly referred to as “wrought iron fencing”, this solution holds the highest regard to the aesthetics and status of an outdoor living space. Our team at Resolut Construction partners with top-tier ornamental fencing crafters to offer truly bespoke and custom iron fencing. Ornamental fencing highlights the status and value of a property, while also offering lasting permanence.

Combining old-fashioned elegance and thoroughly modern design, ornamental iron fences lend a distinctive look to any residence, lawn, or garden. Available in a multitude of configurations as a single-level or tiered structure for graded lots, this contemporary favourite adds flair as well as function to your property. Ornamental fencing is constructed from solid, galvanized steel and polyester powder coated with a protective process, making this stylish fencing option a statement that looks fresh season after season, year after year.

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If you’re still on the fence about choosing an ornamental fence to elevate your outdoor living space, book a complimentary ornamental fencing consultation and we will discuss the best options for your property.


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Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is the ideal choice for the individual wanting the look of a traditional wooden fence but at a more affordable price. Solid, economical, and easy to care for, vinyl fencing is an excellent alternative for those who appreciate a natural wood look but don’t have the time or desire to undertake the regular upkeep that typically comes standard with the option.

No painting or staining and little to no maintenance required make this polished yet practical option the ideal choice for the busy homeowner looking for a fence that will stand the test of time all on its own.


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Let's Create Your Custom Fencing Solution!

We'll find the perfect vinyl fencing style for you!

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If you’re still on the fence about choosing a vinyl fence to elevate your outdoor living space, book a complimentary vinyl fencing consultation and we will discuss the best options for your property.


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Want more information first? Check out our blog, “How to Choose the Right Fence for Your Home” where we expand on fence purpose, budget, and materials to ensure you choose the perfect fence for your yard.