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Wood Fence Styles


Board On Batten

This style is great for keeping children or pets enclosed in the yard, while clearly defining property lines and providing a distinctive look.


Our most popular style to date, Board on Batten provides complete privacy, with overlapping boards kept to one side of the fence. This fence style provides additional privacy and added depth to the fence line. Fully blocks out Sunlight. The board on batten wood fenceboard overlap provides optimal strength and moisture-draining potential which is a thoughtful choice for most Canadian winters.

The Friendly Neighbour
Board On Board

This type of fence has alternating, and overlapping boards on both sides. Board spacing is generally kept at 3-1/2” but for additional privacy, this spacing can be tightened to 2” or even 1-1/2”. 1-1/2" is required for pool enclosures. 


This style makes for a friendly neighbour’s fence if you decide to share the costs, as both sides of this style fence look exactly the same.



Solid Board Wood Fence


A solid board fence is a popular type of fencing known for its privacy and durability. This fence style consists of solid, full-height wooden boards placed closely together without any gaps, creating a seamless barrier that effectively blocks the view from both sides.


The boards are typically made of high-quality wood, such as cedar or pressure treated, which enhances the fence's natural beauty and resilience against the elements. Solid board fences are a perfect choice for homeowners seeking maximum privacy and security for their outdoor spaces, making them ideal for backyard enclosures, pool enclosures garden perimeters, or creating a peaceful sanctuary away from prying eyes. With their classic and timeless appeal, solid board fences offer an elegant solution to enhance property aesthetics while providing a strong and reliable boundary for residential areas. 


Furthermore, we offer a two-year warranty on our fence projects and a five-year warranty on decks. Ultimately, nothing is more important to us than a satisfied customer.





How Much Time is Required for Wood Fence Installation?

When the material has been approved and it arrives on site, our skilled fence installers will begin the installation process. It will vary based on size, a typical 200 foot installation will take 2 typical working days to complete. One day for post setting and one day to build. 


Our goal is to complete the project in the least amount of time without compromising on quality and attention to detail. 


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Before Fence Installation Starts...


Before starting your wood fencing project, it's essential to have a clear understanding of your property lines.


Our knowledgeable fence team at Resolut Fence and Deck can assist you with a comprehensive land survey, accurately mapping and locating property lines for most fence installations.


We prioritize customer satisfaction, and before any work begins, we ensure that you approve the final placement of all fence lines and gates. Additionally, it is crucial to check for the presence of private underground utility lines, including pool pumps and sprinkler lines. Rest assured, Resolut Fence and Deck will handle all public utility requests required for your project. We obtain a Clearance to Dig by calling Ontario 1 Call for all public utilities, at 1-800-400-2255.


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