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Enhance Front Yard Curb Appeal: 30 Landscaping Ideas

Beautiful landscaping in the summer with plants


Is your front yard in need of a refresh? You can transform it into a magical space with an inviting entryway by incorporating timeless design elements and lush garden choices.


Increase your curb appeal with the landscaping ideas below.


1. Upgrade your retaining wall

If your yard already has a retaining wall, consider elevating the look–literally. Adding a white picket fence on top of the brick along with matching planters and tall evergreens will instantly enhance the overall style.


2. Include some lighting

Including light fixtures that fit your home’s style can be a subtle way to improve the look of your front yard. Illuminate your walkway with lamps painted in a shade that matches your house’s hues and compliments the garden. Not only will you be able to enjoy your yard at night with added lighting, but passersby will also be able to appreciate it as well.


Along with the lamps mentioned above, there are countless other lighting options to choose from. String lights or lanterns hung across a porch, solar-powered globes or LED ground lights lining a walkway–you will be certain to find the best lighting for your home.


3. Install a unique railing

Improving the look of your porch does not have to be complicated. In fact, it can be as simple as installing a unique railing. Look at more modern railing designs that offer higher doses of style with different shapes and colours.


4. Add a pop of colour

Adding colour to your home can make it stand out. You don’t need to go overboard, simply changing the shade of your front door or fence can make a world of difference in improving the look of your home’s exterior.


5. Make things match

Intentional coordination can make a house look more desirable. Pairing your porch railing with porch posts, the roofline and fencing is a low-cost way to add visual appeal to your home.


6. Tackle the slope

Having a steep yard can be difficult to tackle. Create a tiered system with terraced levels and separate planting beds. It will be easier to climb and less daunting to maintain.


7. Line the walkway

Lining your walkway with knee-high shrubs or bright blooms is a charming touch that adds a large amount of curb appeal with less effort. For even more subtle impact, try coordinating the colour of your porch decor (like chair cushions) with colour of the flowers framing your path.


8. Place some rocks

Placing large boulders in your flowerbeds introduces dimension to your home’s exterior. They’re maintenance-free and can be left outside year-round.


9. Make the most out of textures

Diversify the textures in your yard by introducing a variety of different plants and natural decor. Including ornamental grasses, shrubs, vines, rocks, hostas, lamb’s ear, yucca, and hens & chicks, are all excellent choices to create a wide range of texture and height in your garden that’s pleasing and interesting to look at.


Zig zag path


10. Broaden your space

You can make your space appear bigger than it really is by creating a pathway with larger stones that zigzag. Non-traditional pathways can make your home stand out and give the illusion of more space.


11. Keep shade stylish

If you want to add more shade to your yard, then consider planting pretty, ornamental trees like a pair of Japanese maples. The trees will offer shade to lower planting beds and provide framing to house windows.


12. Expand the porch

A larger porch is more inviting, provides added privacy, and gives you additional opportunities to place outdoor furniture and potted plants.


13. Put up an arch

Building an archway at the entrance of your entryway can make a home feel cozier and more intimate. An arch paired with a picket fence is a welcoming portal that encourages guests to come into your garden.


14. Raise the plant beds

Update your front yard with raised planter boxes that match your home’s exterior. These can help establish an attractive boundary between your house and the street.


15. Fill in spots with groundcovers

You can cut down on the amount you need to mow your lawn by filling in borders with groundcovers like ivy or pachysandra.


16. Dress-up with greenery

Plants offer so much visual appeal with only a little effort and strategic placement. Hanging fern baskets on a porch, creeping vines up fences or pillars, and planted shrubbery along pathways and entryways can add lushness and life to any home exterior.


17. Put up a little bridge

If you’re looking for a low-effort garden alternative, consider a dry bed if you live in a drought-prone area. Adding a simple, but unique touch of whimsical decor like a small wooden bridge is certain to draw attention–and can double as a play spot for kids.


18. Seating placement

Outdoor seating makes any home appear more inviting and appealing. Add some rocking chairs to your porch so you can relax and enjoy your mornings outside or include a bench in your garden.


19. Water, water everywhere

Water fountains and ponds are beautiful additions to any yard. Water sources in outdoor spaces are soothing to watch and listen to and can encourage pleasant wildlife to visit as well.


Japanese style zen garden


20. Opt for lower-maintenance with a big impact

A Zen or Japanese rock garden is a low-maintenance yard option that’s elegant, calming, and beautiful. Rock walls, gravel mulch, and simple plantings provide a big impact without the added fuss needed with typical gardens.


21. Fill space with the right plants

When planting a garden, there are a multitude of factors to consider before you get started. You need to make sure you’re choosing plants that suit your climate and can thrive based on the amount of care and the environment you’re putting them in. Also, it is important to consider how your choices will look when they’re blooming.


22. Include a focal point

Introduce a focal point to your yard that your eye can’t help but be drawn to. Try planting a large fruit tree and placing matching chairs underneath it. Inviting and distinct, this is an option that’s sure to create admiration from guests and passersby.


23. Plant a garden around your mailbox

Even something as simple as planting flowers around your mailbox can make a subtle difference and improvement in enhancing the look of your front yard. Choose bright blooming plants to add a cheerful burst of colour.


24. Improve the quality of your lawn

A dry, patchy, overgrown lawn is not a good look for a home. Ensuring the proper maintenance of your lawn can make a world of difference in improving the look of your front yard. Keep up with a regular lawncare schedule that includes routine watering, mowing, and reseeding when necessary.


25. Get a custom house number

If you want to stand out, consider getting a custom house number made for your home. There are countless choices available for non-traditional options that include signs, embossed boulders, and backlit house numbers.


26. Invite the pollinators

Planting your yard with pollinator-friendly flowers is an excellent way to liven-up your garden and encourage the establishment of a happy little ecosystem right outside your window. Pick plants like marigolds (which also repel pests like mosquitos), salvia, lavender, milkweed, cosmos, and yarrow to invite pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds into your outdoor space.


27. Fill your fence with flowers

Consider bordering your property with living fences that are covered with flowering plants. Plant vines, which can be trained to grow where you want them to and flower consistently. Popular choices include clematis (which can grow in lower light), trumpet vines, wisteria, climbing roses, and honeysuckle vines. Alternatively, if you want a more neutral option, growing shrubs along fences add colour without being too overwhelming.


28. Consider lawn alternatives in smaller spaces

For houses that have less outdoor space, lawns don’t have to be the only option to choose from when revitalizing your yard. More and more people are popularizing ornamental grasses, moss, clover, and flower and shrub beds over traditional grass lawns. These alternatives can be a great choice that are less maintenance, unique, and a draw for pollinators.


29. Create a living porch screen

To add privacy to your porch, you can do so with the right choice of plants and clever placement. Large hanging baskets, tall shrubs and trees planted in front of your porch can provide an added layer of privacy that stops prying eyes from peering into your space when you don’t want them to.


Pretty, cozy front porch


30. Keep it cozy

Homes that exude warmth and coziness will appear more charming and approachable. You can make your front yard and porch cozier by combining many of the elements mentioned above. Arrange comfortable seating, warm lighting, calming hues, and intentionally picked decor and garden choices.




There are so many ways you can elevate your front yard and enhance your curb appeal with simple landscaping tricks and add-ons. With some basic changes, you can drastically improve your yard and transform it into a welcoming paradise that everyone will certainly admire.


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