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Prepare Your Backyard for Summer: Outdoor Organization Ideas

As life moves outside during summer, so do all the accessories we need to spend time outdoors.



Two kids playing with dog in backyard



But that could lead to chaos and disorganization in your backyard, turning it into a mess.


The solutions to keeping everything under control are simpler than you think! Here are some ways of organizing the backyard for a smooth-sailing summer.



Storing Kids’ Toys Outdoors


Try as we may, we’re unable to keep our kids from being outside during summer. And when kids are outside, so are their toys. But instead of having their playthings strewn about the backyard, you can store them properly.


Be careful not to bring out ALL the toys. Talk to your kids about the most-loved pieces they want outside. That limits the number of toys that come into the yard. If they get tired of playing with that batch, they can always bring out another round.


The first step in any organizational project is to identify the space you’re going to use. Once that’s determined, shopping for the right kind of storage is easy.


Look for well-made, sturdy items that can withstand the elements which will impact the storage unit. Also remember, kids can get a little rough with their toys and storage units, so it’s a good idea to look for items that will last a lifetime.


Short on space? Consider stackable containers. They’re usually made of materials that are safe to be outdoors.


Multi-use, functional furniture items also serve as great storage. You can buy separate furniture for kids and create a dedicated space for their outdoor arts and crafts. Get a set of tables and chairs or a bench that also has storage space below it.


If your kids have bikes or other small-sized “vehicles,” stowing them away properly is important. A prefabricated mini-auto garage works best in this case. These structures are made with long-lasting diverse materials and come in various colours that blend in with the house paint. These side-of-the-house garages come with the option for a door that pulls up or opens at the front to add versatility.



Pool Equipment Storage


One place everyone gathers in summer is around the pool. You cool off, sunbathe, and watch your kids do tricks in the water.


Girl splashing in pool


With pool time, come pool toys, like inflatables, dive rings, water slides, and swimming noodles. All of these can get a bit much to handle if they’re left loose. You would need storage to keep them from getting in everyone’s way or being damaged from always being in water.


Set up a pool toy shelf off to one side so it’s not hindering your view of all that’s going on in the water. It’s also better in the wings because there won’t be water puddles right next to the sliding doors leading to the house.


If you have a large wall next to the pool, install shelving along it or mount a cargo net on it to capture and store toys.


Let’s not forget the sunscreen, towels, and sunglasses you will need when you’re soaking up the sun.


A pool float caddy gives you the ability to store all pool items in a portable unit. It usually has multiple sections for everything you need for a regular pool day.



Barbecue Tool Organization


If there’s one thing we do a lot during summer, it’s barbecuing. What else would we do after working up an appetite in the pool? But with barbecuing comes lots of tools, especially for grilling buffs. A well-organized barbecue workstation can make cooking outdoors a breeze.


Once again, before you go shopping for barbecue storage, consider your barbecuing habits and cooking ware tools. Do you have a standard, fixed barbecue or do you have one that can be moved around? If you have a fixed one, your barbecue storage can also be similarly fixed. An outdoor sink with a prep station can help enhance the experience of barbecuing. You won’t have to go in and out of the house when you’re preparing the meat or vegetables.


Get a sink with shelves or drawers that can be used to hide away your barbecuing tools, like tongs, gloves, napkins, etc. The drawer will also have a bar to hold your towel, so you don’t keep anything flammable near the barbecue.


If your grill or outdoor oven or smoker is fixed, consider installing a spice shelf next to it so everything is nearby.


Now if you have a portable barbecue, you’ve opened a whole world of storage possibilities for yourself. A movable prep station is the way to go. A barbecue cart will keep all your grilling tools, ingredients, and sauces in one place and within arm’s reach. Look for a sturdy, wheeled prep station that also has cabinets or drawers.


The internal storage in the portable cart will keep utensils, cooking tools, napkins, and more hidden away. The cabinet will also hold the propane tank if that’s your fuel of choice.



Gardening Storage


Another activity that keeps us outdoors in summer is gardening. For those with a green thumb, it’s important to have the right tools ready. A backyard shed can be where you store these items during winter, but mobile storage units are important when you’re gardening.


Gardening tools, flowers, and watering can sitting on lawn


A backyard cart — they come in multiple sizes — is the best way to go. It gives you portability and storage simultaneously. You won’t have to take everything back into the shed every night. Leave the cart to the side and come back to it the next day, with the tools ready and waiting for you. Look for a cart that allows you to carry tools, as well as a potting soil bag and garden debris you will uproot.


A potting stand is a must-have for avid gardeners. These tables usually have storage at the bottom too, but they’re typically stationary. However, they’re very handy when you’re potting plants or prepping them for the flower bed.


If you want to store your tools in the shed, think about using the space to the maximum. Shed walls, the back of the door, even the roof, use it all! For the walls, a lattice frame with hooks is good for hanging trowels, shears, and even a watering can.


If you’re not into the lattice pattern, you can mount a pegboard on the shed wall for an instant tool hub. Mix it up by customizing the storage system with hanging baskets and multi-level shelves.


Small-sized shelves can work well for the shed door to hold lighter items, like clippers and gloves. Mixing function with décor will give you storage and beauty in the shed.


You can also get rustic and creative by reusing your old gardening tools as storage units, too. Perhaps a broken rake mounted on a wall can become a home for smaller gardening items, such as gloves and towels.


One of the most important gardening tools is a hose. It’s also one of those items that can clutter up a yard faster than you can water the plants. A hideaway swivel is a must-have to stow away the hose, so it doesn’t become an eyesore.



Pet Toy Storage


When the family goes outdoors, so do the fur babies. And when they’re outside, it’s best to have their toys outside, too.


Dogs love their playthings, especially fetch balls and chew toys. If not kept in check, these items could end up all over the backyard, quickly becoming a nightmare. An easy storage solution is a basket that can carry all such toys. You can bring the basket inside at the end of the day, so they don’t miss their comfort items.


If dogs are outside during the day, it’s best to feed them outside, too. A feeding station with a cabinet or drawers underneath is a two-in-one solution. The cabinets can be used to store food, so you don’t have to trudge inside to retrieve the food bag and then call the dog endlessly to come inside. Lock up the cabinet at the end of the day so other critters can’t get into it.


A smart move is to keep a poop bag dispenser unit next to the feeding station. You can grab doggy doo quickly and the same dispenser can work for storing small yard waste bags for garden trimmings.


Another group of pet items to keep handy outside are grooming supplies. Fill a shower caddy or tote with basic needs, like shampoos, brushes, nail clippers, and dental-care items. Both of you can spend some time together outside while getting hygiene and regular grooming taken care of.



Commonly Needed Items for the Whole Household


Remember to include a first-aid kit in your outdoor items. Make sure you cater to both humans and furry ones in the family. Because first-aid kits have items sensitive to heat and sunlight, store these in a cool, dry place.



And with all in order, you’re ready to enjoy your summer!




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