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Tips for Choosing the Right Fence Builder

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Although it may be tempting to embark on a do-it-yourself fence project for your home, it can be a massive undertaking if you aren’t well-equipped to handle the time and effort it takes to complete a project of this scale. If you want to avoid the hassle, consider contacting a fence installation company like Resolut Fence & Deck instead.


When choosing the best fence builder, you want to ensure the installation of your fence goes as smoothly as possible and checks off the criteria you want. There are several factors to consider when deciding on the right fence contractor or company for your needs, so it’s necessary to do your research before you settle on a choice.


From budget to reviews, here are some tips to consider when looking for a fence builder to hire.


1. Know where to look and what you’re looking for

Do your research first. There are countless options to choose from and you want to find a fence builder with a satisfaction guarantee who will meet your backyard beautification needs. Dig a little deeper to make sure your choice will complete your project with respect to your vision and still be around to fix or repair any issues in the future.


2. Ask the right questions!

When you’re looking into potential choices for fence contractors, book a consultation so that you can ask them important questions. Any good custom fence builder will more than happily answer questions and provide you with a no-obligation quote – just like we do at Resolut. This will help give you an idea about whether they’re the right fit for your proposed project.


Some questions to ask potential fence builders include:



Make a point to talk about potential barriers such as zoning and easements. Reputable fence companies should have extensive knowledge about local zoning regulations and any setbacks that would affect fence construction.


If you have the original paperwork from your house sale, your real estate lawyer or realtor may have included your land survey which would help the contractor determine things like property lines.



Is the fence builder going to obtain permits? Be sure to find out if this is a necessity for a fence in your area and who is responsible for obtaining them. Getting the right permits can delay the construction process, so make sure you get them sorted out well before the contractor shows up onsite.


A great contractor, like Resolut Fence & Deck, will obtain the permits for you and handle all the bylaws etc. for you.


Utilities Find out if the fence company will contact the utility locator so you can pinpoint where the underground utility lines are or if you will have to do this yourself.



Will the fence height vary over the course of its run based on the grade? If you have a steep grade, how will the contractor handle this?


Also, if you have pets, the space left under the fence might be just as important as the height.



What will be the timeline for the project, from start to finish? How does the contractor handle delays?



How big is the crew that will be working on your project and what will be their schedule?


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3. Builder experience

How long has the builder been in business? Are they a new company, or have they built a reliable reputation in the community through multiple years of operation? Experience does matter and can greatly help in strengthening your trust in a company that knows what they’re doing and the best ways to complete a project.



Pro Tip: Make sure the company vehicles are branded with logos and that the staff wear branded clothing and have proper business cards etc. A company that doesn’t spend any money on branding can easily close shop and re-open with a new name to avoid obligations and contracts.



4. Builder portfolio

To see if the builder will be able to meet your project expectations, ask to see a portfolio if one is not accessible to you via their website. A reliable and trustworthy company should be happy to provide you with examples of their work. This will give you a clear idea of what they have the capacity to accomplish.


5. Builder reviews

Reviews are integral in the decision-making process for selecting the best services for your project. See what people have to say about the businesses you’re considering. Do they have any negative reviews? If so, what are the issues the reviewer highlights? What are the positives?


6. Builder pricing and quotes

The right builder should be fully transparent with pricing and quotes and their process upfront. See if you can book fence builder consultations and solicit estimates so you can compare a variety of options in your area and pick the one that is best for you and your budget.


7. Builder materials

Ensure that you’re choosing a company that only uses high-quality materials to fit the needs of their customers. The materials that are used to build your fence will affect its longevity and appearance. Make note of builders who opt for personally vetted lumber suppliers over big box stores to select their premium materials.


8. Builder material delivery

How and when will the materials for the fence be delivered? Will the company transport the fence materials themselves or will they be delivered to your home separately?


Modern wooden fence with plants in front


9. Builder styles and designs

Does the builder have the option to show you a rendering of what your fence would look like on your property? If you are focused on the design of the fence, then this might be a key element to prioritize so you know what it will look like and be satisfied with the result.


Builders who prioritize the style will make this clear to you throughout the process and it’s an important factor to consider if you want your vision to be brought to life.


10. Builder contract

Don’t neglect to ask to see a contract and read it thoroughly before signing it You don’t want to be stuck in an agreement that could pose issues for you down the line with your project.



Pro Tip: Most major issues with hiring a contractor can be avoided by carefully reading the contract and making sure you understand the division of responsibilities.



11. Builder scheduling

While you want the builder to take their time and not rush the process so you receive quality fencing work, you will still want your fence to be completed in a reasonable amount of time. Be realistic with any timeline goals and communicate your expectations with your builder so you’re both on the same page before the project starts.


12. Builder communication

Strong builder communication will be important during the fence construction process. Company representatives should be available for questions and concerns over the course of the project, and should communicate any changes, updates, delays, etc. through each stage.


13. Builder references

You shouldn’t hesitate to ask fence companies for references of satisfied customers that you could contact to hear more about their work.


Grey modern fence


14. Builder online presence

While doing your research, make note of a builder’s online presence. Does their website offer clear, accessible information and photos of projects they’ve completed? Do they interact with customers with respect? This can be very helpful in helping you choose the company you want for your project.


15. Builder customer service

From start to finish, customer service should always be prioritized by companies. Make note of how they handle your questions and any potential concerns. As a potential customer, you should be valued and prioritized during the process.


Customer service is a major component of how Resolut Fence & Deck helps its clients and makes sure that they are happy with each custom fence project.


16. Builder quality control

Become knowledgeable about the materials the builder will use and how it will stand up to your local climate. Be sure to ask how they ensure the quality of their fencing materials and become aware of the longevity of your new fence so there won’t be any surprises down the road.


17. Builder safety standards

During the fence building process, what safety protocols will the company have in place? It’s important to make sure the builder you choose follows appropriate safety standards during the construction of your fence so there aren’t any unnecessary risks being taken for your project.



Pro Tip: Any reputable contractor will be fully insured and have WSIB setup for their staff while onsite. Make sure you ask to see current proof of their insurance and any safety certifications.



18. Builder professionalism

Builders should remain professional throughout the fence construction process. Even if there are delays or setbacks, the company representatives should continue to prioritize customer service and ensure you’re satisfied with the result.



In Conclusion

Embarking on a do-it-yourself fence project for your home may seem tempting, but it can quickly become an overwhelming endeavor if you lack the necessary time and resources to handle such a large-scale project.


If you want to avoid the hassle and ensure a seamless installation process, it is highly recommended to reach out to a reputable fence installation company like Resolut Fence & Deck.


Selecting the right fence builder is crucial to ensure that your installation goes smoothly and meets your desired criteria. With numerous factors to consider, it is essential to conduct thorough research before making your decision.


Resolut Fence & Deck embodies many of these qualities and offers exceptional services to their clients. With their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust them to bring your custom fence project to life.

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