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Transform Your Patio with Genius Privacy Fencing Solutions

With the warm weather on the horizon, you're going to want to spruce up your patio and spend more time in the fresh spring air.


However, if you want to get into your tanning clothes or plan to spend some time outside with your family, you may want to consider privacy fencing.  


Woman sitting with laptop in backyard with bushed, privacy fence.


Privacy fencing provides you with privacy and security by blocking your view from those on the outside. This requires the installation of barriers around a property to provide seclusion and limit visibility from the outside.  


These fences are typically constructed using solid materials such as wood, vinyl, or metal panels. They stand at a height that obstructs the view into the enclosed area, offering greater privacy to the property's owners.    


Privacy fencing is commonly used in residential settings to create boundaries and enhance security by preventing unauthorized access and shielding your activities from public view. 


Today, the fencing experts at Resolut Fence and Deck will provide you with some insight into the key benefits of privacy fencing, especially when you plan to enjoy your springtime patio! 


When you get the itch to revamp your patio, you can often put forward a good chunk of money to get the dream patio that you want. As such, you’re going to want to make sure you keep your property safe and secure, especially if you have young children or pets who will frequent the yard.  


In the ever-evolving world of gardening and decor, Canada has showcased a steady rhythm in its garden supplies sales cycle. May 2022 emerged as the peak month, witnessing a retail sales value exceeding one and a half billion Canadian dollars.  


Surprisingly, even amidst the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and 2021, the retail sales for lawn and garden equipment in Canada remained resilient, unaffected by the turmoil.  


What that means is there is an upward trend of increasing outdoor decoration and activities with little chance of it slowing down. That means you’re going to need a good quality privacy fence to keep your springtime activities safe and contained.  



The 10 Key Benefits of Privacy Fencing for your Springtime Patio  

The demand for outdoor living has been on the rise in recent years, with several homebuyers making improvements to their outdoor spaces each year. As such, having a privacy fence built simply makes sense.  


Other than improved security and overall privacy, there are several key benefits to having a privacy fence for springtime patio season! 


If you want to totally upgrade your outdoor space, then a great first step is building a privacy fence. 


A privacy fence is an upgrade that can truly transform your outdoor area into a Zen, private space that promotes relaxation and security. It provides the perfect secluded touch that will allow you to lounge on the patio without the concern for nosy neighbours.  


If you're not sure whether or not installing a privacy fence is worth it for you, keep on reading or consider checking out our website for more information. We can help you make your next big backyard decision! 


1. Greater Privacy  


One of the most obvious benefits (we may have mentioned it once or twice) is the increase in privacy! It's hard to disagree that having additional privacy is something that can make your home and outdoor space feel more rejuvenating without feeling like someone is peering through their windows at you. 


Having your yard open to the outside can put a damper on your privacy and could make it feel more like a public space than a place to call your own. A privacy fence is one of the best ways to solve this conundrum. Once it's up, you and your family can feel free to relax! 


By enclosing your outdoor space with a sturdy privacy fence can offer you a greater sense of peace and respite from the outside world. Who doesn't need that? 


2. Protection from the Elements 


Besides keeping nosy neighbours at bay, a privacy fence can also offer some protection against the elements. In colder months, it also provides you with a patio that's a little warmer by blocking out the poor weather.  


If you're having guests over with the intention of having a barbeque or outdoor get-together, the last thing you want is your guests being chased inside because the wind is ruining the fun. A privacy fence can protect your patio (and your guests) from an unruly breeze. 


If you live in a windier climate, protecting your yard from the wind with a privacy fence can be the make-or-break factor around how frequently you use your patio space. Nobody wants to be battered by heavy winds and have their stylish hairdos ruined every time they want to enjoy their outdoor space.  


Giving your outside area some necessary shelter from the wind by installing a privacy fence is the perfect way to protect your yard while also creating a serene, protected patio that you can use to its fullest potential.  


Besides protecting you from the wind, a privacy fence also offers some much-needed shelter for your plants. Typically, plants don't fare well in excessively windy climates, especially plants with larger leaves and sensitive ornamental plants. 


Learn more about maintaining your fence based on style and material in our blog.


3. Increased Security for Children and Pets  


Another great reason to install a privacy fence is the safety it provides for your pets and your children. Privacy fences have limited or no gaps in general, making it ideal for ensuring your child or dog can go outside without the concern of them getting out.  


This added level of security and safety can also enable you and your family to use your outdoor area without worry. 


4. Sound Barrier 


If you live in a busy neighbourhood or happen to have noisy neighbours, a privacy fence can help to reduce and muffle unwanted sounds. 


A privacy fence can't necessarily block out the entirety of the sounds, it can take the edge off and help reduce the noise. If creating an additional layer as a sound barrier, then you can opt for a wood fence, vinyl fence, or concrete stone fence. These fences have the best sound-deflection materials. 


Private, fenced-in backyard with wood fencing.


5. Say Goodbye to Unwanted Views 


Beyond shielding your yard from prying eyes, a privacy fence serves as a versatile solution to block out unsightly sights from within your own space. 

Imagine neighbour's growing collection of old appliances cluttering your backyard view, or their sprawling washing line showcasing his family's laundry just as you entertain guests. By erecting a privacy fence, you can effortlessly eliminate these eyesores, transforming your outdoor oasis into a serene sanctuary while simultaneously enhancing your property's aesthetic appeal. 


6. Additional Dimensions to your Patio Space 


One of the most overlooked potential benefits of a privacy fence is the dimension and visual appeal it provides your patio, especially in the glow of the springtime sun. A privacy fence is an attractive addition to other attractive features like modern patio furniture and water features like bird baths, fountains, or pools.  


Homeowners want to enrich their patio with features that really complement the outdoor living space. Installing a privacy fence can make your patio feel quainter than a plain backyard. 



Safeguarding Your Property 

When it comes keeping your home safe and secure, a privacy fence is a great addition. While it isn’t explicitly designed for security purposes, these tall, view-blocking fences are a formidable theft deterrent by minimizing the visibility into your property. 


Consider this: your outdoor treasures, such as stylish patio decor to high-end equipment, are on display for all to see. Without a proper shield of privacy, opportunistic people may be tempted to help themselves when you least expect it.  


But here’s where a privacy fence can provide some security benefits: by concealing your valuables from envious eyes, it reduces the chances of attracting unwanted attention from people passing by.  


The benefits don’t end there. A sturdy fence not only limits access to your yard, but it also hampers the efforts of possible intruders. Whether it's the sheer height or the sturdy build, breaching a six-foot privacy fence is not an easy task compared to a simple chain-link fence.  


An additional bonus: you might not even require a permit for a privacy fence, although you’ll want to double-check this. Unlike other fence types, privacy fences sometimes don’t require permits. However, you should still investigate this with your local authorities before you start building to ensure compliance with city regulations.  


A privacy fence isn’t just about secluding your sweet springtime patio set up – it's also about the safety and security and your family and property.  


If you’re interested in having a privacy fence installed, see Resolut Fence and Deck’s website for more information.  




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