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Pool Safety Fencing: Get Ready for Spring Swimming Season

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Spring and summer are the perfect times to swim, but like any activity, you must take precautions. You should have a pool safety fence, especially if you have pets or small kids. 


While you may be tempted to forgo this measure to save money, there’s a lot more at stake if you do. Pool fences prevent pets, small children, and even animals from wandering into your pool by accident. This is essential for people with families or one, or even multiple pets.  


Pool drownings, according to Health Infobase Canada, had the highest percentage of drowning deaths at 34.9%. Of these recorded cases, 65.5% involved children under the age of 15. 


A good pool fence design offers an essential barrier that safeguards anyone using the pool and those who could wander in it accidentally. By incorporating a pool fence that fits the aesthetic of your outdoor space, you're taking a proactive step in creating a secure environment for everyone who enjoys your pool.  


Not to mention a pool fence comes with several other benefits that most people don’t consider. Today, the experts of Resolut Fence and Deck will break down some of the best perks of having a pool safety fence for your springtime oasis. 


The Benefits of a Pool Safety Fence 

Several key benefits come with having a pool safety fence, from enhanced security to improving the overall look of your space. Let’s break down some of the main benefits:  


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1. Ensuring the Safety of Pets and Children 


Perhaps the most important benefit of pool safety fencing for your outdoor space is its increased protection for children and your pets.  


Fences provide you with a physical barrier that stops accidental slips and unsupervised access to your pool. This is essential for people with young kids and pets prone to curiosity because it helps eliminate the potential for accidents.  


It also helps create an environment where you can teach your kids more about pool safety and how to interact with the pool in an informed way.  


2. Create Privacy and Define Your Boundaries! 


Perhaps the second most important benefit of a pool safety fence is the increase in privacy. Everyone loves the idea of having an oasis away from prying eyes, whether that be neighbours or passersby. This sense of privacy is vital when it comes to creating a private pool and swimming experience. Eliminating the potential for external interruptions or disturbances can help in this effort. Also, having a firm boundary defining the pool area can help prevent other yard activities from impacting the space. No wayward soccer balls or unwanted grass clippings in your pool.  


3. Improving Appeal and Increasing Property Value 


Modern-day pool safety fences can be implemented with the overall design and aesthetic of your outdoor space in mind. A good-looking fence can provide a nice touch to your property, even coming with the benefit of increasing its market value. Whether you prefer a classic iron fence or something sleeker like glass—you can match whatever suits your style.  


Understanding Pool Enclosure Permits 

It's important to consider several things when it comes to adding a pool safety fence, including the permits you'll be required to have before moving forward with your project. In this scenario, we'll be looking at regulations in Ontario you'll need to consider:  


Before you go ahead and enclose your pool, you'll likely need a permit. While many municipalities don't require a Building Permit for a pool, you do generally require a Building Permit to build a fence around your pool. The Ontario Government has implemented legislation regarding pool safety requirements, including the necessity of a fence, a locked gate, and more. For more information, see Ontario's Bill 74.  


While you do not need a Building Permit to install a swimming pool in most municipalities, you do need a Building Permit for:  

  • Constructing a pool enclosure (fence) 

  • Constructing a deck connected to the pool 

It’s also important to remember that the permit process varies by the municipality. 


For example:  

  • In Toronto, acquiring a permit starts with obtaining a Zoning Certificate. Simply fill out the Zoning Form and send it to [email protected] via email. 

  • On the other hand, in Hamilton, you can conveniently submit an ePlan application online. 


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Should You Let Your Neighbours Know? 

The answer to this question is short and sweet. No, you don’t need to tell your neighbour that you are building a backyard pool.  


The government of Ontario doesn't require you to let your neighbours know if you're building a pool, but there are some situations where you should. Such as if you plan on building a pool safety fence. For more information, see the Government of Ontario


When it comes to making the decision to build a pool safety fence for your pool this spring, you should consider trusting the experts at Resolut Deck and Fence.  


Understanding the Basics of Pool Safety Measures 

Installing a pool safety fence is only one step in the equation when it comes to keeping everyone using your pool safe. To ensure you're making the most of your pool safety fence, we will cover some additional safety protocols for your pool.  


Avoid swimming alone 

There will naturally be times when you want to take a solo dip, but swimming alone comes with serious risks. If you get a cramp or suffer a sudden health event, there won't be anyone there to help you in an emergency. Make sure that if you plan to take a dip on your own, you let someone know, along with the average amount of time you spend in the water. Also, this goes without saying, but: NEVER, EVER, allow children to be around a pool unsupervised, even if you're confident in their swimming ability. Even strong swimmers can run into issues in the water. If you have kids playing in and around the pool, there must be an adult present.  


Be prepared to intervene in case of an emergency 

You must be prepared to act in case of an emergency, which means you must have access to the right equipment - including a safety hook or even a floatation device. These items need to be accessible and easy to grab at a moment's notice.  


You should also have a means of contacting 911 if necessary, meaning you should always have a cellphone available to make emergency calls. Keep it far enough from the water that it isn't at risk of damage, but close enough that you can access it in an emergency. If an emergency does strike, saving those essential seconds to make a 911 call could be the difference between life and death. Also, if you have a pool, it's highly recommended to be certified in CPR and first aid. If you are certified, make sure your certifications are up-to-date and you're confident enough to perform life-saving measures.  


Limit any outside access to your pool, whether it from children or adults 

Ensure that your pool isn't accessible, intentionally or accidentally by other adults or children. Even your pets can be at risk if your pool doesn't have a proper barrier. This is why it's extremely advisable to have a pool safety fence in place to maximize the security of your pool while minimizing the risk of an accident.  


Why choose Resolut Fence and Deck 

The team at Resolut Fence and Deck specializes in building premium residential and commercial decks and fences that take your outdoor living spaces to the next level, creating an environment that's enjoyable to spend time in. We specialize in everything from outdoor kitchens, poolside decks and fences, multi-tier decks, and more. See out contact page for more information.



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