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Transform Your Space with a Brand-New Fence Installation

Imagine it’s a beautiful spring day. The weather is finally warm enough that you and your family can spend some time on the back deck.


Your sprinklers are running, the sun is shining, and...your neighbours can see directly into your backyard.  


You need a fence


Family gathering around outdoor table in spring.


Not just any fence, but some real custom workmanship. And Resolut Fence and Deck can help.  


Spring is one of the better times to install a fence if you’re looking to enjoy some well-deserved privacy and security by the time grill season is upon us.  By the time summer comes around, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy all the benefits of your brand-new fence. However, this season can be demanding, so planning ahead is essential.  


At Resolut Construction, we specialize in all things fencing. Recognized in the Waterloo Region and beyond for quality and timeless workmanship, we have been building premium residential and commercial deck and fence projects for the past 30 years. If you’re planning to install a new fence in the near future or would like your existing one looked at, don’t hesitate to reach out. We will gladly come to assist with your project! 



Which Season is the Best for Installing Fencing? 

The best times to install a fence is generally during the spring or the fall, when the weather isn't too hot or cold and there is less rain than the summer months. However, realistically, any time of year is a good time to install a fence as long as you prepare for the weather.  


Springtime is a great time to get a new fence project started because the soil is soft, and you won't be battling severe heat. When the flowers are blooming, so is the demand for fences. Spring is a busy time because homeowners are generally eager to prepare their outdoor spaces for the summertime. 



What are the Benefits of Having a Fence Installed During the Spring? 


Springtime is great for a fence installation project. 


Given that the weather is more forgiving in the spring, that makes it an excellent time to get your fence project moving. The days begin getting longer, offering more daylight hours for your fence installers to operate. Since it isn't quite summer yet, the temperatures are mild enough to be outside working for longer periods of time. This means your project could be completed quicker. 


A privacy fence offers you the peace of mind you deserve, along with some additional security for your property, family, and even your pets. However, there are some considerations you should keep in mind for privacy fencing! 


1. Better Security 


Installing a fence is a fantastic way to add some extra privacy, security, as well as value to your home. However, you need to plan this sooner rather than later in order to get the full scope of these privacy and security benefits. 


2. Aesthetic Appeal 


If your family loves entertaining and takes a lot of pride in your home's aesthetic, a fence is an excellent way to show off your unique style. Having a quality, well-installed fence can make your property stand out from other neighbours.  


Thinking about planning your fence installation in the spring so you can enjoy uninterrupted backyard entertainment? We can help! 


3. Utilization of Tax Returns 


Another good reason you should install a fence in the spring is that you can use your tax refund to help pay for your project. Fencing is a great home improvement investment that bolsters your property value and can provide years of benefits.  


Provided you've received a decent refund, you can allocate some, if not all, of it to increase your home's value and offer you and your loved ones the perks of a private backyard.   


4. Protecting Pets and Children 


One of perhaps the more popular reasons homeowners go forward with having a fence is to protect both their children and their pets. For pet owners, fenced-in yards can offer a private space for them to play and spend safe time outdoors. A safe perimeter reduces the risk of any potential tragedies.  


Also, for those with young children, privacy fences are very beneficial for keeping little ones safe from any possible harm. A fence provides the security kids need to explore freely while also containing their activities in a secure area. This offers parents peace of mind and makes outdoor playtime a lot safer and more fun. 


While some may argue that privacy fencing could cut off opportunities for kids to interact with their neighbours, homeowners ought to deliberate carefully before they develop an ideal fencing plan. It's essential for kids to have enough room within the fence line to safely explore while also having enough space around the property to communicate openly with neighbours and even wildlife, creating a rich social community in the process. 


5. Environmental Benefits 


Fencing a yard can also provide several environmental benefits. Fencing not only protects yards from potential intruders, but it also helps protect larger ecosystems by minimizing the introduction of several toxic products, like pesticides and fertilizer, that can leach into the surrounding environment and cause issues.  


Fences can also delaminate property lines, which keeps wildlife out of your yard, preventing them from destroying plants or trees that are native to the area. 



Cost and Material Considerations for Your Project 

Fencing a yard can be an expensive investment, depending on several key elements, but the money you spend on fencing can easily pay for itself in the future. The cost associated with fencing depends largely on the material used as well as the size of the area being enclosed. Generally, chain-link fencing is the least costly option, followed by wood and vinyl options. Aluminum is generally more expensive than other materials, but it also requires the least maintenance overall. 


It's important to consider not only the costs involved, but also the potential for long-term costs associated with each material as well. Chain link can be prone to corrosion if you don't upkeep it properly with painting; while wood needs to be regularly treated with sealant or stain; aluminum on the other hand, is far more resistant to corrosion than these other two varieties. Vinyl may have a higher upfront cost, but there is little to no upkeep required on this type of fencing. 



How to Enjoy Your New Backyard Space this Spring  

Spring is an ideal time to refresh your outdoor living space, and we can offer you some unique ideas to spice up your yard. Whether you want to make an intimate seating area or add a pop of colour to your newly enclosed space, we have some suggestions to make the most of your privately fenced backyard.


Close-up of outdoor seating area with 2 chairs, small side table with plant and two coffees on top.


Create a Seating Area 

Adding a comfortable, cozy seating area to your backyard is a great way to create a relaxing and inviting environment. Or, maybe you want to go for a more intimate setting with a small bistro set or a collection of outdoor lounge chairs. You may even want to include a firepit for those long, warm nights.  


Provide Shade  

With spring being only a whisper away from the summer, you may find it beneficial to provide some relief from the sun. You can add an umbrella or even build a stylish pergola or gazebo. Strategically planting trees also provides relief to an outdoor living area and a naturally cooling atmosphere.  


Incorporate Lighting 

Want to create a cute space? Play with lighting. You can use a combination of solar-powered fixtures, string lights and lanterns. Maybe even consider upgrading your deck lighting to add to your luxurious evening atmosphere.  


Add Colour 

Lighten up your outdoor space with colourful plants and greenery to add something extra special. Add some hanging baskets, potted plants, or even a vertical garden to add a bit of personality. Accent your greenery by decorating with colourful outdoor cushions and maybe even a patio rug or add an additional pop of colour with a brightly coloured accent chair. 



Options and Maintenance Requirements 

As the warmer weather creeps in, you'll be spending more time outside and so will your neighbours. Fencing your yard can go beyond just providing the obvious benefits like security and privacy. Rather, it can also add a layer of aesthetic appeal and enhance the overall look of most residential or commercial properties in the process.  


Not to mention, fences can be tailored to fit several styles, providing homeowners the ability to choose options that best accent their landscape. Whether you prefer a modern, contemporary style or even something more rustic or traditional. 


Having said that, while there's plenty of benefits that come with adding a fence to your property, it's equally important to keep in mind that it requires a certain level of upkeep and consistent maintenance. See our blog on fence maintenance for additional details. 


In addition to painting or staining, it's vital to remember that it requires some level of upkeep and regular maintenance. Along with painting or staining regularly, fences need a good cleaning from time to time to keep their integrity sound. Without the right upkeep, these features can start to look dingy and limit their ability to be an attractive selling point.  


Regardless of the types of aesthetic features a homeowner wishes to add to their property, installing a fence stands as one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade your home's appearance. Especially considering many people who plan to sell their homes do showings in the warmer seasons, so be prepared! 



If you’re ready to get your space optimized for spring, Resolut Fence and Deck are the deck and fence builders for you!


We offer services to build your custom decks and fence solutions, available whenever you need it. 




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